Measuring The Hole For Your Teto Solar Britax Ragtop

by Rob C & Caio @ Ragtop Brazil

Measuring The Hole For Your Teto Solar Britax Ragtop

Ready to install your Teto Solar VW Beetle Sliding Ragtop?  Here is what the factory in Brazil says is the best practice to make this process perfect! 

  • The hole sizes should be guided by the black metal frame that sits underneath the top. 
  • In a nutshell, the inside measures of the black metal frame are the hole sizes needed. 
  • Before cutting the roof, the black metal frame should be assembled outside the car and then place on top of the car so that the cutting measures can be marked on the roof with a sharpie (all the way on the inside of the metal frame). 
  • Ensure you put masking tape underneath the black metal frame to prevent scratches. 
  • Once the cutting measures are marked (including the holes for the screws) the metal frame can be removed and you can cut the roof. 
  • The key measure is the distance from the front window of the car. Once the distance from the front window has been measured and the black metal frame is fixed in its place with masking tape to prevent it from moving, then you only need to ensure it is centered by measuring the distance from each side of the car. 
  • Given this side measure can vary from car to car, we prefer to instruct the customer to find the center of the sides, rather than providing exact measures - per the pic below:

Also, this install video will help you through the step by step!  It's in Portuguese but simply select "subtitles" and your language to follow along! 

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