3636 Weathershield Sunway complete kit (NOS)

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Complete NOS Sunway/Weathershield ragtop kit including all parts and hardware necessary for either a new installation or to refit your old kit. Like opening a time capsule!  

These tops when closed and latch measure about 40" x 40" and fill an original hole that is about 36" x 36".  Original Weathershield part number #3636.

We have a limited supply of wind deflectors and those are included in the kit.  PLEASE NOTE:  Very few colors remain so unless you are looking for dark green, light green or blue, you might plan on recovering these kits in new material. We have had customers use a spray-on vinyl dye with good success but please keep in  mind, while our NOS tops may look new, the vinyl material is 45 years old so no guarantees regarding longevity.   Aside from a bunch of new high quality top covering materials on the market, the original British Everflex vinyl is still available in a wide variety of colors and any reputable upholstery shop can do the job.  

All aluminum parts are in like-new conditions having been in dry storage for more than 40 years.  Your top will look like new. 

Questions?  Don't be afraid to call.  






These are 40+ Year old NOS kits sold AS IS.

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